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Valentine Lollipops – Easy Fundraising Ideas

Valentine Lollipops – Easy Fundraising Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Fundraising Ideas - Lollipop Fundraiser - Valentine LollipopsA Valentine’s Day fundraiser is an annual event for thousands of organizations around the country.   This once overlooked fundraising holiday has quickly become the busiest.  Valentine’s Day has become a great time for groups to earn a little extra money and have fun doing it.  Many groups have begun to see the potential of this holiday.  Although there are scores of fundraising ideas, Valentine lollipops are much easier to sell than most other fundraising products.   Most customers will only buy one or two higher priced items.  So, instead of trying to sell higher priced fundraisers, many groups sell lollipops at 50¢ to $1 each.  With a lower selling price comes many more repeat customers.  Many repeat customers means higher profits.  There are many lollipop shapes and flavors, and they are so easy to sell!Fundraising Ideas - Chocolate Lollipop Fundraiser - Valentine Lollipop

Popular Valentine Lollipop Shapes

One of the most popular Valentine lollipops is the heart lollipop.  We offer Maredy Hearts, Yummy Hearts and Starlyn’s Chocolate Hearts. Other popular lollipop shapes for Valentine’s Day are the lip and rose lollipops.  We offer the Maredy Sweet Lips and Sour Lips, and Cima’s Yummy Lips and Sour Lips.  We also offer Starlyn’s Roses, and Hearts/Rose mix if you are looking for chocolate lollipops.

Groups have had great success selling all of these popular lollipops.  Whether you desire lollipops or chocolate lollipops, you can find all of these easy fundraising ideas on our website.  We’ve got you covered for all of your Valentine Lollipops.  Our family is dedicated to providing our customers with quality products and free delivery.  This is what has kept us in business since 1968.  If you are thinking about raising money for Valentine’s Day or any other time of the year, give us a try.  We would love to help you and your group make money.

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