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Each year almost every sports organization across the country has a major sports fundraising blitz in order to raise needed funds for uniforms, equipment, and other unfunded expenses.  Most of sports fundraising takes place in the first four months of the year, but increasingly, particularly with the very rapid growth of soccer in the USA during the last 2-3 decades, there are numerous sports groups raising their operating funds during both the fall and the beginning months of the year. Since soccer is a two season sport for many youth and young adults alike, the need for additional travel and operational funding has increased several fold in the last few years.

Since most sports teams and leagues prefer to finalize their fundraising activities long before the hot days of summer, heat is not nearly as much of an issue as it once was. Also, there are now many heat tolerant fundraising items that are not susceptible to melting or spoilage from excessive heat. Most sports groups prefer to sell heat-sensitive fundraising products such as cookie dough, chocolate bars, cheesecakes, etc. during the cool months, but then at a later time, follow up on a second sale with items like discount cards, beef jerky, flower bulbs, candles, caramel corn, lollipops, etc. that are more heat tolerant.

Cookie Dough Fundraisers - Sports Fundraising

Cookie Dough Fundraisers – Sports Fundraising

Sometimes the smaller individual teams with just a few players are unable to sell some of the popular large-ticket item products, due to their inability to purchase in large enough quantities. However, there are many fundraising products that are ideally suited for these small individual teams. The larger city leagues which are comprised of many different teams, often bring in profits of tens of thousands of dollars. Some city leagues will even band together with other city leagues for extra purchasing power, resulting in huge total sales and profits.

Lollipop Fundraiser - Sports Fundraising

Lollipop Fundraiser – Sports Fundraising

Sports fundraisers, whether it is for soccer, baseball, football, hockey, rugby, gymnastics, cheer-leading, martial arts or softball, is a necessary activity that, if done properly, becomes an all-around community endeavor. It is very important that your sports fundraising utlizes basic sound principles of responsible fundraising. Several of these are: 1) Don’t skimp on product quality in order to make some ridiculously high profit. The community and your customers will remember poor quality products long after your sports fundraising activity is over. 2) Keep your selling prices fair. Everyone knows that a sports fundraising product is going to sell for more than a comparable product would cost in a discount store, but there comes a point where the product’s value to cost paid is so small that the purchase is almost the same as a donation. You want to avoid insulting your customer’s intelligence and presuming on their benevolence by offering them a product worth $1-$2 for an outlandish selling price of $15 or $20. 3) Make sure that all fundraising products are delivered to customers promptly and with special handling care by your sellers.

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