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Service Fundraising

Fundraising for Service Groups with

Cookie Dough Fundraiser - Service Fundraising

Cookie Dough Fundraiser – Service Fundraising

Service Fundraising is a category that encompasses such Service Organizations as scouting groups, men and women’s civic groups, local and national garden clubs, and many other non-profit Organizations, both locally and nationwide. Because most service groups are relatively small in membership, at least locally, fundraising projects are usually either done through order-taker brochures that emphasize small quantity minimum order amounts, and are heavily weighted toward environmentally sound products, materials or themes, or in-hand products that can be ordered by small quantities as few as 1-10 cases.

Flower Bulb School Fundraiser - Fundraising

Flower Bulb Fundraiser – Service Fundraising

The benefit of ordering through Order-taker brochures (provided FREE for each selling participant) is that there is no upfront cash outlay. The organization simply pre-sells the products that are in the brochure, collects the money from each customer as they take the orders, then calls and gives us the total number of items of each product that is sold. We will process the order completely over the telephone. Brochure items such as Candle Fundraisers, Fundraising Flower Bulbs, and eco-friendly tote bags are very popular with many service groups, and all of these particular brochure sellers have extremely low minimum order amounts.

Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser from Savory Fundraising

Caramel Corn Fundraiser – Service Fundraising

The products shown on the pictures that are on this page are all very good choices for your Service Fundraising Project. ILoveFundraising offers numerous RISK-FREE brochure order-taker programs in addition to the many dozens of in-hand sellers which we can also supply for your Service Fundraising Organization. We are a family owned and operated fundraising business which has been providing superior products and service for over 45 years, so we are quite familiar with the fundraising needs of our customers. With FREE Delivery on ALL Orders, Low Minimum Order Sizes, Great Profits, and over four decades of Fundraising Excellence, We Think Our Record Speaks for Itself!