For over a decade, fundraising Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Easter sales have been great fundraisers for groups and organizations desiring the best all-around fundraising product.  Holiday-specific fundraising products offer a great chance for groups to earn money right before and during a holiday.  The excitement of the holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter, coupled with a unique holiday fundraising product, can result in great profits for any school group, civic and service group, church, and sporting group.

In recent years, Valentine’s Day has seen a huge increase in school fundraising activity.  Many school groups such as Cheerleaders, Bands, Choirs and Student Governments use the excitement of the holiday to raise money for their organization.  Lollipop fundraisers, such as the heart and lip shaped pops, along with the chocolate heart and rose shapes are great any time of the year, but really do well during Valentine’s Day.  If your group needs to raise money, try out one of our seasonal fundraisers.  You might find something that you will enjoy doing year after year.