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School Fundraising Ideas

School Fundraising Ideas with

Chocolate Candy Fundraiser - School Fundraising Ideas

Chocolate Candy Fundraiser – School Fundraising

School Fundraising represents one of the largest sectors for fundraising in the United States. Each year there are hundreds of thousands of schools that sell various fundraising products. With very few exceptions, if you are the sponsor of an organization, you have a need for funds. As the schools have become increasingly more stressed for funds, the need for great school fundraising ideas has almost become a necessity.

The products represented by pictures on this page are great school fundraising ideas, earning millions of dollars for schools. No matter what the size of your school or group, you will be able to find the perfect fit for that upcoming school fundraising project. Some of the things to consider when looking at school fundraising ideas are found in many of our Basics 101 blog posts.

Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraiser - School Fundraising Ideas

Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraiser – School Fundraising

Let’s very briefly discuss how some situations could affect your school fundraising ideas. If you only have a small group, you wouldn’t want to choose a fundraiser that has a minimum order size of 200 items. If you are purchasing beef jerky to only be sold in tiny school, you wouldn’t want to purchase 50 cases. If your school is in a low income area, you would probably want to sell items with a low price-point. If you are in a basically all male organization, it wouldn’t be wise to sell women’s tote bags.

For any sale, you would want to make sure that the sale is held just long enough to earn the needed funds. You also need to decide whether you wish to have an in-hand product, or whether you wish to use order-takers.  If you have a sizable group and need to make $8,000 profit, you probably wouldn’t want to sell items with a low price-point. Selling a higher priced item would mean less work to earn the needed funds. Then, there is always that one particular group that never seems to show any particular concern or motivation for anything. This can be quite a challenge, but you as a sponsor need to get a really good read on which type of products would really create interest..

If you are wishing to sell a perishable product during warm periods, you need to do some planning.  When the product arrives, you need to have a storage area which would not cause your perishable products to melt, spoil or be damaged. Lastly, but very importantly, before you order any school fundraising product(s), make sure that the school and district guidelines are closely followed. If your school district policy requires a purchase order, make sure that you allow time for the purchase order to be processed.

Before you commit yourself to a particular product or type of fundraiser, think about the suggestions mentioned above. School fundraising doesn’t have to be a foreboding chore. It can actually be a fun time, a learning time, and a bonding time for both your students, and also for you. We offers numerous RISK-FREE brochure order-taker programs, in addition to the many dozens of in-hand sellers which we also supply for your school fundraising activities. In short, if you need great school fundraising ideas, you have come to the right place.

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