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Dinner & A Movie Discount Cards


The Dinner and a Movie Card
Discount Cards for Fundraising
$10 Selling price with $7 profit!
Order as few as 50 cards. Free delivery.

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Dinner and a Movie Card Pricing/Profit Tables

Discount Cards – Profit Examples

Order Size Price per Card Total Sales Total Profit
50 Cards $3.00 $500 $350
100 Cards $3.00 $1,000 $700
200 Cards $3.00 $2,000 $1,400

Minimum Order = 50 Discount Cards

The Dinner and A Movie Card Fundraiser

Earn Great Profits Selling Discount Cards

Our Dinner and Movie Fundraising Discount Cards are extremely versatile fundraisers.  They are highly profitable and can be sold and used not only locally, but anywhere in the USA.  Since the cards are non-perishable and easy to mail, they are ideal fundraising items to sell to friends and relatives around the country.

Dinner and Movie Fundraising Cards allow you to access discounts at over 100,000 participating restaurants, theaters and stores nationwide. Your customers will save many times more than the cards’ $10 Selling Price. With the unique I.D. from his/her card, they can log into “The Dinner and A Movie Card” website and choose their favorite deeply discounted coupons for one full year.

Dinner and Movie Card Fundraising Features:

Very Low Minimum OrderWe ship as few as 50 Discount Cards (FREE Shipping).

Very Lucrative ProfitsYour cost on the $10 Discount Cards is only $3.00, earning you $7.00 on each card (70% PROFIT). 

FREE ShippingWe always pay shipping charges – on ALL of our products!

Secure Customer AccessEvery card has its own unique Identification #.

Fast and Reliable DeliveryUsual Delivery time is 3-7 days from the time we receive your order.

Why Should You Choose iLoveFundraising.com for Your Group’s Dinner and Movie Card Fundraiser?

iLoveFundraising is the web presence of Perkins Distributing Company, a family owned and family operated fundraising business which has been in operation for over 50 years. They have spent these 5+ decades helping thousands of schools, sports groups, and non-profit organizations to raise needed funds to achieve their group’s objectives. They do their best to make your fundraising experience very profitable, but also as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. iLoveFundraising’s dedication to quality products, high profits, exemplary service, and FREE Delivery has contributed to these 50+ years of fundraising excellence.

iLoveFundraising Makes Dinner And Movie Card Fundraising Easy; Great Profits, Great Products, Low Minimums, FREE Shipping!

How Do I Order?

Step 1
To determine what restaurants and movie theaters in your area are participating in “The Dinner & Movie Card” fundraiser:  Click on https://dinnermovie.tqdeals.com/home and then do the following: 1) On the left side of the page, click on one of the 3 “Categories” (Dining & Food, Movies, Shopping); Next, 2) Click on “Deal Type” (50% Off, Buy One Get One Free, etc.); Then,  3) At the top right under “Near” enter either the zip code (postal code) or city name of the search area you are interested in checking.

Step 2
Determine the number of people who are participating in your “The Dinner & A Movie Card” fundraiser.

Step 3
Place your order either online or by calling us at 1-903-581-0023. Normally, you will need approximately 3-6 discount cards per participant, although total card sales are greatly influenced by factors such as sponsor enthusiasm, intended use of the earnings, etc.

Step 4
Click the “Add to Cart” button and put the number of cards needed in the Qty. box.

Step 5
Once you are finished shopping, click the checkout button. Call us at 1-903-581-0023 with any questions or to place an order over the phone.


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