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Art In Nature Fundraising Flower Bulbs – Spring Brochures

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Spring Flower Fundraiser

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Art In Nature Fundraising Flower Bulbs – Spring Flower Fundraiser

Plant in the Spring. Enjoy in the Summer and Fall

Great Spring Fundraising Flower Bulbs Program – View Brochure

Art In Nature Spring Flower fundraiser gives your organization an effective way to raise needed funds, while truly going “Green” through the sales of these highly profitable flower bulbs. The flower bulbs illustrated in “Art In Nature” brochures are guaranteed to bloom, and earn your organization 50% PROFIT on each bulbs package sold. Additionally, in order to provide you a more hassle-free distribution process, flower bulbs may be pre-packed for the sales of each individual seller (student pre-pack), FREE of charge.  Please note that there is a minimum of 300 flower bulb packages in order to be eligible for pre-pack. Art In Nature fundraising flower bulbs should be planted in the spring, so that they can germinate later in the summer and early fall. Because this Spring flower fundraiser is sold using colorful brochures with included order-taking forms, there is no need to worry about under-ordering or over-ordering. With a beautiful and environmentally proactive product, 50% Profit on all items, and risk-free brochure order-taker sellers, this very special flower fundraising program is a great way achieve your spring fundraising goals.

Why Choose Art In Nature Spring Flower Fundraiser?

Art In Nature has beautiful 12 page, full-color order-taker brochures. In addition to individual flower bulb pictures and descriptions, each very attractive brochure also comes complete with flower bulb planting instructions, a national map showing the various temperature zones, and an order-taker which allows the seller to list his/her customers’ sales. Art In Nature Fundraising Flower Bulbs can even be student packed FREE of Charge for each participating seller in your organization (300 bulbs packages minimum for pre-pack). Every flower bulb is guaranteed to bloom. With 50% PROFIT, 29 different flower bulbs selections, and a large price range of $6.00 to $30.00, Art In Nature is a Spring fundraising flower bulbs program which is definitely worthy of your consideration.

Why should you use iLoveFundraising for your Spring Flower Fundraiser?

iLoveFundraising is the web presence of Perkins Distributing Company, a family owned and family operated fundraising business which has been in operation for over 50 years. They have spent these 5+ decades helping thousands of schools, sports groups, and non-profit organizations to raise needed funds to achieve their group’s objectives. They do their best to make your fundraising experience very profitable, but also as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. iLoveFundraising’s dedication to quality products, high profits, exemplary service, and FREE Delivery has contributed to these 50+ years of fundraising excellence.

iLoveFundraising – Over 50 Years of Fundraising Excellence, with FREE Delivery-ALWAYS!

Completing an Art in Nature Spring Flower Fundraiser is as easy as 1,2,3.

Step 1
Order beautiful full-color order-taker brochures from us FREE of Charge* for each selling participant. Each Art In Nature Fundraising Flower Bulbs brochure includes 29 different bulbs packages selling between $6.00 and $30.00, with Profits of $3.00-$15.00.

Step 2
Pre-sell the Art In Nature Fundraising Flower Bulbs using the order-taker brochures.

Step 3
Calculate your total sales for each type of spring flower bulbs fundraising package. Mail the totals, along with each seller’s individual order tally slip, cut from the bottom of his/her order-taker form. The flower bulb packages will be shipped according to the quantities indicated on each seller’s order tally slip.  Call us at 1-903-581-0023 with any questions.

50% Profit on All Items

Spring Flower Fundraiser Features:

FREE Delivery Your Art In Nature Fundraising Flower Bulbs are delivered FREE anywhere in the Continental U.S.

Low Minimum OrderThere is a low minimum order of 35 items for the Art in Nature Flower Bulb Fundraising Program (FREE Delivery included).

Outstanding PROFITArt In Nature’s Spring Fundraising Flower Bulbs earn your group 50% PROFIT on every bulbs package sold.

Risk-FreeWe provide FREE Order-Taker Brochures, so that you can pre-sell the Art In Nature Fundraising Flower Bulbs.

Student PackagingFor easy distribution, if desired, your Fundraising Flower Bulbs orders can be pre-packed specifically to the individual sellers. There is a minimum of 300 total bulbs packages to be eligible for pre-pack.  Also, please be advised that individual seller’s pre-pack of the bulbs packages normally adds several additional days to the processing of the flower bulbs orders.

100% GuaranteeAll of Art In Nature’s Fundraising Flower Bulbs are guaranteed to grow, or they will be replaced free of charge.

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