• Savory Frozen Cookie Dough Fund Raising - Great Fundraising Ideas
  • cookie dough fundraiser - great fundraising ideas
  • cookie dough fundraiser - great fundraising ideas
  • cookie dough fundraiser - great fundraising ideas
  • cookie dough fundraiser - great fundraising ideas

Savory Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraiser

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Savory Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraiser – $18 Sellers

Proportioned Boxes – Low Minimum Order Size – Free Delivery-Always!
This fundraiser is sold by using order-taker brochures.

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Pricing/Profit Table
Frozen Cookie Dough Fund Raising Boxes

Order Size
(Individual Boxes)
$18 Sellers
Cost Per Box
Profit %
1,800+ $9.00 50%
630-1799 $9.90 45%
460-629 $10.80 40%
300-459 $11.70 35%
150-299 $12.60 30%
Minimum Total Order = 150 Individual Boxes 

Savory Gourmet Frozen Cookie Dough Fund Raising

$18 Sellers – View Brochure

2.7 lb. Pre-Portioned Boxes         Cookie Dough Fundraisers You Just Bake – NO Scooping!

Pre-portioned Frozen Cookie Dough from Savory

We Ship Savory Cookie Dough Fund Raising Products to all of the Eastern half of the USA, in Addition to the States of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota. We Do NOT Ship Savory Products to the West Coast or to the Inter-Mountain States of AZ, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, UT or WY). 

Savory Sweets pre-portioned fundraising frozen cookie dough makes exceptionally delicious, pre-formed cookies. These 2.7 Pound pre-portioned boxes of frozen cookie dough are totally gourmet in every respect. Choose from 8 yummy frozen cookie dough varieties, plus Savory fundraising Lava-Licious Fudge Cakes and Peanut Butter Lava-Licous Fudge Cakes. Your group earns up to 50% Profit, sells the product through the use of color brochure order-takers. All that it takes to enjoy these tasty Savory cookie dough fund raising cookies is an oven, a cookie sheet and an appetite. No scoops are required since these pre-formed cookies are ready to go directly from the box to your cookie sheet. After tasting these cookies, many of your customers are going to be down-right grumpy that they didn’t order more than one fundraising cookie dough box.

Why Should You Choose Savory Sweets Pre-Portioned Boxes for Your Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraiser?

  1. Each pre-portioned box of frozen cookie dough contains 2.7 lbs. of delicious cookie dough.
  2. Savory Sweets Premium Ingredients are absolutely first class.
  3. Your fundraising organization can earn as much as 50% Profit.
  4. There are No up-front costs involved with these special Cookie Dough Fundraisers, since they are pre-sold from color brochure order-takers.

Why Should Your Organization Use Us for Your Next Cookie Dough Fund Raising Drive?

iLoveFundraising is a second generation family owned & operated fundraising business which, for Over 50 Years, has been specializing in helping organizations and groups to effectively raise needed funds. Not only do we want our customers to have profitable fundraisers, but we also want each customer’s fundraising project to be a pleasurable experience that doesn’t leave them weary and exhausted from the ordeal of it all. We handle numerous types of fundraising cookie dough, including extensive selections of fund raising tubs and pre-portioned boxes, as well as Savory Sweets Fundraising Frozen Cookie Dough Programs. Whether it’s cookie dough fund raising, fundraising candles, flower bulbs fundraisers, cheesecake fundraisers, or all types of fundraising candy, we have fund raising programs and products that are ideally suited to your group’s specific needs and interests. We sincerely hope that your group makes the decision to participate in our rich history of fundraising excellence!  Great Fundraising Ideas Are Here!

Features of Savory Sweet Pre-Portioned Frozen Cookie Dough Fund Raising Boxes:

Free Delivery – ALWAYS! – No Additional Fees!  There are some fundraising companies which charge delivery fees for smaller order sizes, significantly lowering the group’s total profits. We pay all cookie dough delivery costs to your organization’s shipping address (commercial, school, business locations).

Low Minimum OrderOur minimum order size is only 150 Savory Cookie Dough Fundraising Boxes (With FREE Delivery). This low minimum order size enables the tremendous success of fundraising cookie dough to be available to organizations that would normally be unable to meet many minimum order sizes.

Great ProfitsSavory Sweets pre-portioned frozen cookie dough fund raising boxes earn your group up to 50% Profit.

Outstanding QualitySavory Sweets gives exceptional quality in every product they produce. 

10 Delicious Varieties: Savory’s Cookie Dough Fundraising order takers include: Chocolate Chunk, Oatmeal Raisin, Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Chunk Pecan, Candy, Double Chocolate Chunk, White Chocolate Macadamia, Double Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Lava-Licious Fudge Cakes, and Lava-Licious Peanut Butter Fudge Cakes

Completing a Savory Sweets frozen cookie dough fund raising drive is as easy as 1,2,3

Step 1
Order a FREE brochure order-taker* for each selling participant. This can be done online or over the phone at 1-903-581-0023. Each cookie dough fundraising brochure offers 8 scrumptious $18 selling, 2.7 pound cookie dough pre-portioned boxes and 2 fudge cake varieties.

Step 2
Your participants pre-sell the frozen cookie dough fundraising boxes, recording the sales of each customer on the order forms. Most cookie dough fundraisers last approximately 2-3 weeks, but, of course, the length is totally up to you.

Step 3
When your Savory Sweets Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraising sale is finished, simply call us at 1-903-581-0023 with the cases needed of the various cookie dough varieties, and we can handle your order details totally over the phone. Your order will be delivered in approximately 2 business weeks.

Get Started! Order your pre-portioned fundraising frozen cookie dough brochures below. Fill in the number of participating sellers under quantity and click “Add to Cart” to order your FREE Brochures and get started.

How Do You Determine the Profit on Your Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraiser?

Your group’s final profit is calculated by the number of fundraising cookie dough boxes that your group sells. As the profit chart indicates, there are seven pricing brackets, starting at only 150 Savory Sweets pre-portioned boxes. FREE DELIVERY is included, even if your total order size is only 150 boxes!

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iLoveFundraising – Over 50 Years Of Fundraising Excellence, with FREE Delivery-ALWAYS!


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