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Heritage Candles Silver Scents

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Heritage Candle Fundraising – $16 Silver Scents
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Heritage Candle Fundraising
Silver Scents Pricing/Profit

Total Order Cost/Candle Profit %
35-74 Candles $10.40 35%
75-119 Candles $9.60 40%
120-189 Candles $8.80 45%
190+ Candles $8.00 50%
Minimum Order = 35 Candles

14 oz Silver Scents Fundraiser by Heritage Candles

$16 Sellers – View Brochure

Heritage Candles Silver Scents are hand poured, highly fragrant candles that are proudly made in the USA. These exceptional lead-free candle fundraisers are made with All Natural Wax and upscale fragrances, and Each Candle Comes Packaged In Its Own Attractive Gift Box. Silver Scents, by Heritage Candles are long-burning, 14 ounce hourglass tumbler candles with 6 different fragrances. Fundraising groups will be particularly impressed with the quality of these candles. Heritage candles are sold from RISK-FREE Order-Taker Brochures which allow your organization to pre-sell the candle fundraising items prior to placing your order. With a selling price of $16, these candles Earn Your Organization up to 50% Profit, and we will ship to the individual item (whole cases not required). Heritage candle fundraising is a great idea for upcoming school and private group fundraisers.

Why Choose Heritage Candle Fundraising?

Heritage Candles is a very popular candle company that is known for its quality candles. This Heritage candle fundraiser comes in one style, the 14 oz canning jar, but there are six different upscale fragrance varieties. This very special fundraising candle is a niche item that could be a standout seller for your next fundraiser.

Why Should You use iLoveFundraising for Your Heritage Candle Fundraiser?

iLoveFundraising is the web presence of Perkins Distributing Company.  We are a family owned and family operated fundraising business which has Been in Operation for Over 45 Years. We have spent these 4+ decades helping thousands of schools, sports groups, and non-profit organizations to raise needed funds to achieve their group’s objectives. We do our best to make your fundraising experience very profitable, but also as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. iLoveFundraising’s dedication to quality products, high profits, exemplary service, and FREE Delivery On ALL Orders has contributed to over 45 years of fundraising excellence.

iLoveFundraising – Over 45 Years of Fundraising Excellence, with FREE Delivery-ALWAYS!

Completing a Heritage Candle Fundraiser is as easy as 1,2,3.

Step 1 – Order candle fundraising brochure order-takers from us FREE of Charge* for each selling participant.

Step 2 – Pre-sell the Heritage Candles using the order-taker brochures.

Step 3 – You can either mail or fax your completed order to us, OR you can call us at 1-903-581-0023, and we can handle your order details completely over the telephone.

Heritage Candle Fundraising Features:

FREE Delivery – Heritage Fundraising Candles are delivered FREE anywhere in the Continental U.S.

Small Minimum OrderThere is a minimum order size of only 35 Heritage Candles (FREE Delivery included).

Great ProfitsEarn up to 50% Profit

Risk-FreeWe provide FREE Order-Taker Brochures*, so that you can pre-sell the candles.

Special PackagingEach Heritage Candle Fundraiser comes packaged in its own individual gift box.

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