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Starlyn’s Heart & Rose Chocolate Lollipops

$1 Sellers

Starlyn’s Chocolate Lollipop Fundraiser
1 Dollar Sellers!

A Great Valentine’s Day Fundraiser

360 Lollipops/Case (10 Boxes of 36 Lollipops).
Order as little as one case. Free delivery.
Discount volume pricing applied at checkout! (See below)

Great Fundraising Ideas Are Here!

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Pricing/Profit Tables

Starlyn’s Assorted Chocolate Heart & Rose Lollipop Fundraiser
Minimum order: 1

Quantity Price per Case % Profit
1-2 $216.00 40% Profit
3-7 $205.20 43% Profit
8+ $194.40 46% Profit

Profit Examples

Total Order Total Sales  Total Profit
1 case $360.00 $144.00
3 cases $1,080.00 $464.40
8 cases $2,880.00 $1,324.80

Starlyn’s $1 Selling Heart & Rose Lollipops

A Great Valentine’s Day Fundraiser

Beautiful and tasty, these .8 oz. heart-shaped chocolate-flavored lollipops are great for a Valentine’s Day Fundraiser or an anytime candy fundraiser. Sell them individually or in a bouquet with two or more. Each chocolate lollipop is individually wrapped in see-through wrappers. Each case contains 10 boxes of 36 milk hearts.

  • $1 Sellers.
  • 360 Lollipops/Case (10 Boxes of 36 Lollipops).
  • Minimum Order = Only 1 Case
  • Chocolate Hearts & Roses are Great for a Valentine’s Day Fundraiser
  • Hassle Free Shipping – FREE DELIVERY

Why Use Us for Your Candy Fundraiser?

We are a family-owned fundraising company and have been in business for over 45 years. We strive to make your fundraising drive as easy as possible. Some companies offer high profits, but then charge delivery fees. We offer FREE DELIVERY on all orders. There are no hidden charges or fees that will take away from your profits. Orders are delivered approximately 3 – 8 business days from the day they are placed with us. We provide delivery information such as the day your order will be delivered and a tracking number from the trucking company.  Great Fundraising Ideas are Here!

Valentine’s Day Fundraiser!

Valentine’s Day Fundraisers have become a great way for groups to earn money during the winter months.  This once overlooked fundraising holiday is quickly becoming one of the busiest fundraising seasons in the Spring Semester.  A Valentine’s Day Fundraiser generally involves in-hand fundraising items that are relatively low in price and move quickly.  Because of their eye-catching shapes, Starlyn’s chocolate lollipops have become one of our most popular Valentine’s Day Fundraisers.  A low price point, quick shipping, great taste, and high profits combine to make this Valentine’s Day Fundraiser a great success.  In fact, this has become the #1 Valentine’s Day Fundraiser for Starlyn’s Chocolates.

Completing a Lollipop Valentine’s Day Fundraiser is as Easy as 1,2,3.

Step 1
Determine the number of people participating in the sale.

Step 2
Order 1-3 boxes for each seller. (Each 360 count case has 10 carrying boxes containing 36 fund raising lollipops).

Step 3
Distribute the fund raising lollipops to your sellers. Delivery time for your lollipop order is approximately 3-8 business days from order placement.

iLoveFundraising.com Makes Candy Fundraising Easy; Great Prices, Great Products, FREE Shipping.

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