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Savory Sweets Gourmet Fundraising Popcorn

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$15 Sellers – 6 Caramel Corn Varieties
40% Profit – FREE DELIVERY
96 Item Minimum Order Size

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Easy Fundraising Ideas Are Here!

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Profit Examples

Total Order Total Sales  Total Profit
150 tubs $2,400.00 $960.00
250 tubs $4,000.00 $1,600.00
400 tubs $6,400.00 $2560.00

Savory Sweets Gourmet Fundraising Popcorn

$16 Sellers – View Brochure

We Ship Savory Products to all of the Eastern half of the USA, in Addition to the States of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota. We Do NOT Ship Savory Products to the West Coast or to the Inter-Mountain States. 

Raise Money with America’s Favorite Snack Food!

$16-Selling Savory Caramel Fundraising Popcorn comes in large clear plastic containers, which are excellent sellers. This delicious fundraiser comes in 6 tasty varieties which are almost irresistible. With popcorn being one of the Nation’s Top Snack Foods, when it’s improved upon, the result is simply awesome. Your organization makes $6.40 PROFIT on each of these popcorn varieties, and your customers receive a delicious product! Complimentary risk-free order-takers make this excellent fundraising program even more attractive.

Why Should You Choose Savory Sweets Gourmet Caramel Corn to be Your Next Fundraiser?

Savory Foods, the producer of Savory Sweets, manufactures outstanding quality fundraising snacks and fundraising cookie dough for organizations, groups and schools. They are most noted for their use of Premium Quality Natural Ingredients, and each of their fundraising products is quite impressive.

Why Use iLoveFundraising for Your Caramel Popcorn Fundraising Activity?

iLoveFundraising is a family owned and operated company. For over 45 years, we have helped sports groups, schools and organizations all over the country to raise needed funds. We do our best to help make your organization’s fund raising project very profitable and as stress-free as possible.  With FREE Delivery, Great Profits, and Over Forty Five Years of Fundraising Excellence, our record speaks for itself.  Easy Fundraising Ideas Are Here!

Try This Delicious Fundraising Popcorn. Following are Several Advantages of This Program:

FREE DeliveryiLoveFundraising provides FREE Nationwide Delivery on each product we handle.

Low Minimum OrderWe have a minimum order of only 136 fundraising popcorn containers (free delivery included).

Outstanding QualityQuality is Savory Sweets’ forte.

Great Profits40% Profit ($6.40) on each container

Six Popcorn Fundraising Varieties$16 Sellers include: Buttery Caramel (22 oz.), Chocolate Delight (22 0z.), Chicago Style (16 oz.), Hot and Sweet (16 oz.), New England Cheddar (16 oz.) and Peanut Butter (22 oz.).  Please note that we have no control over any size/weight changes by our suppliers or manufacturers.

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Completing a Popcorn Fundraiser is as Easy as 1,2,3

Step 1
Order one popcorn order-taker brochure free of charge* for each seller. Every order-taker brochure shows six popcorn fundraising varieties .

Step 2
Have your participants pre-sell the gourmet fundraising popcorn items through the use of the provided order-taker brochures.

Step 3
Call us at 1-903-581-0023 with the number of cases needed of each popcorn fundraising variety, and we will handle your order details completely over the telephone.  Your popcorn fundraisers will arrive in approximately 10-12 business days from the time we receive your order.

Get Started! Order your popcorn fundraising brochures below. Fill in the number of sellers under quantity and click “Add to Cart” to order your FREE BROCHURES and get started.

How Do I Figure My Popcorn Fundraising Profits?

Your group’s profits are determined by the number of fundraising popcorn tubs that have been sold.  You will make $6.40 on every tub sold. Simply divide your fundraising goal by $6.40, and you will have the amount of tubs that are needed to be sold to meet your goal.  FREE DELIVERY is always provided, so there will be no extra fees that take away from your profits.

iLoveFundraising – Over 45 Years of Fundraising Excellence, with FREE Delivery-ALWAYS!

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