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Neighbors Preportioned Cookie Dough

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Crazy About Cookies Cookie Dough Fundraiser
$18 Sellers (most of the items) – FREE DELIVERY
Low minimum order size.

New Flavors – White Chocolate Oatmeal Cranberry, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip!

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Cookie Dough Fundraiser Pricing/Profit Table For $18 Sellers

Order Size (Individual Boxes) Cost Per Box $18 Sellers  Profit %
3900 $8.64 52%
1500-3894 $9.00 50%
612-1494 $9.90 45%
402-606 $10.80 40%
258-396 $12.24 32%
150-252 $12.60 30%
Minimum Order = 150 Boxes (25 Cases)
6 Boxes (1 variety) per Case. Full Cases Only.

Crazy About Cookies Cookie Dough Fundraiser Comes in 2.7 lb. Pre-Portioned Boxes (Variety Assortment Packs & Nestle Toll House Items Also Available)

Fundraising Cookie Dough by Crazy About Cookies (Preportioned Boxes)

Easy Fundraising Ideas – Cookie Dough Fundraiser to Simply Bake, Forget the Scooping!

$18 Cookie Dough Fundraiser (Nestle and Classic Variety Packs Slightly Higher) – View Brochure

These cookie dough fundraising boxes by Crazy About Cookies, are among the most popular pre-portioned cookie dough sellers. In addition, these delicious cookies are also a great fundraising value. With 40 pre-shaped cookies in each 2.7 lb. box, your customers will wish they had ordered several more boxes.  Also available on this order-taker brochure are boxes of Nestle Toll-House Cookies and Classic Variety Assortment Boxes – (your pricing for these items is shown on the description sheet that accompanies every brochure order). Just place on a cookie sheet and bake  In just a very few minutes you’ll have the most scrumptious fresh-baked cookies you can imagine. Because this is a pre-order cookie dough fundraiser, you get high profits with absolutely no risk.

Why Choose Crazy About Cookies Cookie Dough Fundraiser?

Crazy About Cookies cookie dough fundraisers are produced by Neighbors Cookies.  They are a leading producer and supplier of frozen food products in today’s fundraising industry. With a production capacity of several million pounds per week, they offer many different cookie dough fundraising varieties. Their product innovation and quality control are noteworthy.  They continue to pioneer new methods for expanding fundraising cookie dough sales.  If you want a great fundraiser, Crazy About Cookies cookie dough is a great fundraising idea!

Why Use iLoveFundraising for Your Cookie Dough Fundraising Drive?

iLoveFundraising is a family-owned fundraising company which has actively been in business for over 50 years.  We strive to make your fundraising activities as profitable and simple as possible. We have one of the lowest fundraising cookie dough minimum order sizes with FREE DELIVERY, in the industry. This is particularly beneficial for smaller clubs and groups. A number of fundraising companies require their customers to pay shipping charges on smaller orders, resulting in additional charges which sometimes cost several hundred dollars. We always provide FREE DELIVERY on every order which meets our minimum order size of 150 boxes.  All cookie dough orders are delivered within 10-15 business days of order placement.  Additionally, tracking and delivery information is provided for each order.

Try our Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraisers and you’ll agree that Crazy About Cookies Cookie Dough practically sells itself.  These delicious varieties of cookie dough are pre-formed and ready to bake directly from the box.  No scooping or forming of the dough is required.  Crazy About Cookies cookie dough is a great fundraising idea for your group’s next fundraiser.  Great Fundraising Ideas Are Here!

Crazy About Cookies Pre-Portioned Fundraising Cookie Dough Features:

FREE DELIVERYWe have no hidden fees or charges which diminish your profit.  A number of fundraising companies tout large profit percentages, but charge additional shipping fees, especially on smaller orders.  iLoveFundraising pays all shipping costs related to delivery of cookie dough to your group’s shipping address (school, business, and commercial delivery locations).

Low Minimum Order SizeiLoveFundraising offers low minimum orders with Free Delivery included – 25 cases (150 pre-portioned boxes).  This is an easy fundraiser for both small and larger groups.

Terrific ProfitsYour organization earns great profits (up to 52%) with this cookie dough fundraiser.

Outstanding Quality Cookie DoughThe commitment of Neighbor’s Cookies to excellence is seen in each box of cookie dough they manufacture. They are committed to uphold the legacy of their predecessor, Pine Valley Foods, in both value and quality.

15 Scrumptious Cookie Dough VarietiesChunky Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar, M&M’s Candies, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Triple Chocolate, Snickerdoodle, Caramel Pecan Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Oatmeal Cranberry, Nut Lovers Variety Pack, Chocolate Lovers Variety Pack, Classic Sensations Variety Pack, and 2 different Nestle Toll House Varieties. 

Completing a Crazy About Cookies Cookie Dough Fundraiser is as Easy as 1,2,3

Step 1
Order a color order-taker brochure for each of your participants free of charge*.  Each very attractive fundraising cookie dough brochure shows 10 delicious 2.7 lb. varieties of $18 selling cookie dough, three different $20-selling 2.7 lb cookie dough variety packs, and two varieties of $22-selling 2.5 lb. Chocolate Chip Cookies with Nestle Toll House Chocolate.

Step 2
Your participants pre-sell the Crazy About Cookies Cookie Dough fundraisers, and record their individual sales on the brochure order-taker forms.  Cookie dough fundraisers normally run 2-3 weeks in length, depending on the goals and objectives of the fundraising group.  How long you choose to run your sale is completely up to you.

Step 3
When your cookie dough fundraiser is completed, simply call us at 903-581-0023 with the number of cases needed of the various cookie dough varieties.  We will be happy to handle your order details totally over the telephone. Please realize that our cookie dough fundraisers ship in full cases of 6 pre-portioned boxes per case.  All varieties must be ordered in full cases.  Your cookie dough orders will be delivered in 10-11 business days.

How Do You Know What Your Cookie Dough Fundraising Profit Will Be?

Your end profit is contingent upon the total number of fundraising cookie dough pre-portioned boxes that your organization sells. Looking at our profit chart, you will see six category price brackets, starting at only 150 pre-portioned boxes.  Even if you order just 150 pre-portioned fundraising cookie dough boxes, you still receive FREE DELIVERY.

What About the Extra Pre-Portioned Boxes?

The main question many ask is, “How do I handle the additional boxes which come from having to round up some varieties to the next higher case”?  Extra boxes of a cookie dough fundraiser are normally sold within a few hours after delivery of the cookie dough, because a number of customers who under-ordered will contact your group requesting to purchase additional cookie dough. During certain months of the year, we daily receive calls from customers of fund raising groups who wanted additional cookie dough (the customers), but waited until the extra boxes were sold out. In the vast majority of the cases, extra fundraising cookie dough causes the groups to receive extra profits that would not have been received, had they not needed to round their cookie dough orders up to the nearest whole case.

iLoveFundraising  –  Over 50 Years Of Fundraising Excellence, with FREE Delivery-ALWAYS!

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