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Pricing/Profit Table – Cheesecake Fundraiser

Order Size $20 Sellers Profit %
504+ $10.40 48%
360-496 $11.40 43%
200-352 $13.40 33%

Minimum Order = 200 Cheesecakes (25 Cases)
8 Cheesecakes (1 variety) per case. Full cases only.

Suzy’s Cheesecake Fundraiser

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Scrumptious Cheesecakes for All Occasions

Suzy’s Fundraising Cheesecakes are wonderfully delightful frozen desserts that will please everyone in your community, from the youngsters to the “oldsters”.  This excellent cheesecake fundraiser is a great seller for church fundraisers, especially when there is a special trip for which the funds are being raised.  Each of Suzy’s five delicious 30 oz fundraising cheesecake varieties has 0 grams of trans fat, and is made with the finest ingredients.  For years, cheesecake fundraisers have been the 2nd most popular frozen fundraising food item available, being surpassed only by sales of fundraising cookie dough.

Suzy’s fundraising cheesecakes are sold through the use of risk-free brochure order-takers.  This allows your organization to conduct a cheesecake fundraiser without having to make any upfront payment.  You can begin your sale by ordering a free brochure order-taker from us for each of your selling participants.  Your participants pre-sell the cheesecake fundraiser by using the furnished brochure order-takers, collecting payment at the time the order is taken.  When the sale is completed, you will already have the needed funds to take care of the cheesecakes you are ordering.

Why Choose Suzy’s as Your Cheesecake Fundraiser?

Not only are Suzy’s fundraising cheesecakes wonderfully rich and delicious, but they come to you in refrigerated trucks that keep the cheesecakes frozen and in excellent shape. The combination of excellent ingredients, temperature-protected delivery, and five popular varieties from which to choose makes Suzy’s Cheesecake Fundraising Product line one of our top fundraising ideas.

Why Use iLoveFundraising for Your Cheesecake Fundraiser

Our company is family owned and operated, and has been in business for over 50 years, helping to raise needed funds for groups and organizations all across the united states. We do our best to make your fundraising experience very profitable, but also enjoyable and as stress-free as possible.  Whether you desire a cheesecake fundraiser, or something else from our list of great fundraising ideas, “we gotcha covered”!  Our minimum fundraising cheesecake order size is 200 cheesecakes.  AS ALWAYS, we are committed to offering FREE DELIVERY on EVERY order we ship. Try our delicious Suzy’s fundraising cheesecake line for your upcoming fundraising project. All five of these cheesecake varieties are ready to slice and eat, but rest assured that once your customers take a bite, they’ll wish they had ordered more.  Great Fundraising Ideas Are Here!

Try Suzy’s Wonderful Cheesecake Fundraiser! Below are a Few Advantages of This Special Program:

Free DeliveryUnlike some companies that offer great profit percentages, but tack on additional shipping charges for smaller orders, iLoveFundraising gives FREE DELIVERY on ALL orders to your business, public school, or commercial addresses.

200 Cheesecakes Minimum OrderWe offer a minimum order amount of 200 fundraising cheesecakes (with FREE Delivery provided), making iLoveFundraising a great choice for both large and medium-sized organizations.

Outstanding QualitySuzy’s Cheesecake Fundraiser speaks quality in every bite.

Great Profitsyour group earns up to $10 PROFIT per cheesecake (33% – 48% Profit), depending on the size of your order.

Five Delicious 30 OZ. Varieties – Turtle Cheesecakes, Original Cheesecakes, Cookies & Cream Cheesecakes, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Cheesecakes, & Strawberry Swirl Cheesecakes.

Completing a Cheesecake Fundraiser is as Easy as 1,2,3

Step 1
Order a brochure order-taker for each selling participant, FREE of charge*. Each cheesecake fundraising brochure order-taker includes 5 different 30 oz. cheesecake varieties, all selling for $20.

Step 2
Have your participants pre-sell the Suzy’s Cheesecakes, putting their customers’ sales’ information on the order form, located on the back of the brochure. Most frozen food fundraisers last 2-3 weeks, although your sale’s length is totally dependent on your time frame preferences.

Step 3
Call us at 1-903-581-0023 with the total number of cases that you have sold of each cheesecake variety, and we will complete the order details totally over the phone. Please note that Suzy’s Fundraising Cheesecakes ship in cases of 8 cheesecakes per case, and all varieties must be ordered in whole cases. Delivery is usually within approximately 12 business days.

Get Started! Order you cheesecake fundraiser brochures below. Fill in the number of participating sellers under quantity and click “Add to Cart” to order your Free Brochures and get started.

How is My Cheesecake Fundraising Profit Determined?

Your organization’s total profit is determined by the number of cheesecakes that are sold. If you look at the profit chart shown below, you will see 3 different category pricing groups, starting at 200 cheesecakes. FREE DELIVERY is included, regardless of which category size you are in.

What Do I Do With the Extra Cheesecakes?

A question that is often asked, especially by sponsors relatively new to selling frozen food fundraisers such as fund raising cheesecakes, is, “What am I supposed to do with the extra cheesecakes I wound up getting when several of the varieties had to be rounded up to the nearest whole case.” The extra cheesecakes will usually be gone in a very short period of time, due to customers tasting their cheesecakes and wishing they had ordered an additional cheesecake or two. Just a few satisfied customers can clean out your surplus in a matter of hours. In the vast majority of cases, overages on cheesecake fundraisers wind up providing additional profits that the organization wouldn’t have received without the rounding up of incomplete cases of certain cheesecake varieties.

iLoveFundraising – Over 50 Years Of Fundraising Excellence, with FREE Delivery-ALWAYS!


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