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Signature $10 Popcorn Fundraiser

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$10 Signature Popcorn Fundraiser
10 Tasty Varieties in 1/2 Gallon Bags
Each Order Shipped to the Piece


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Pricing/Profit Tables

Signature $10 Popcorn Fundraising Minimum Order: 1

Quantity Price per Bag % Profit
100-199 Bags $6.50 35% Profit
200-499 Bags $6.00 40% Profit
500-1,199 Bags $5.50 45% Profit
1,200+ Bags $5.00 50% Profit

Signature $10 Popcorn Fundraising Profit Examples

Total Order Total Sales  Total Profit
100 Bags $1000.00 $350.00
200 Bags $2000.00 $800.00
500 Bags $5,000.00 $2,250.00
1200 Bags $12,000.00 $6,000.00

$10 Signature Popcorn Fundraising

$10-1/2 Gallon Popcorn Fundraising Bags

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Why Sell $10 Popcorn for Your Group Fundraiser?

Popcorn is one of the top-selling snack foods in the country.  American’s eat around 17 billion quarts of popcorn a year.  Because of the popularity of popcorn in this country, tasty popcorn varieties are an easy sell.  This is why Popcorn Fundraising has been great for people new to fundraising and fundraising “veterans” alike.  Top quality popcorn, along with a $10 selling price and risk-free order-takers, make Signature popcorn fundraising hard to beat.  The $10 price-point allows your group to make a lot of money without having to sell a large amount of popcorn. Risk-free order-takers allow you to order only what you sell.

Why Sell The $10 Signature Popcorn Fundraising Variety?

Signature Fundraisers are known for their outstanding quality.  Signature’s $10 Popcorn Fundraiser gives your customers outstanding quality, while earning your organization 35% – 50% profit.  Choosing Signature’s popcorn fundraiser is an excellent fundraising idea. School Fundraisers, Churches, Athletic Groups, and Scouting Organizations have had great success with popcorn fundraisers because they are one of America’s favorite snack foods. The $10 price-point and 10 tasty varieties equate to outstanding consumer value. This popcorn fundraiser boasts excellent PROFITS for your organization.

Completing a Signature Popcorn Fundraiser is as Easy as 1,2,3

Step 1
Call or email us your request for a brochure order-taker from us free of charge* for each selling participant. Each popcorn fundraising brochure has 10 different varieties.

Step 2
Your participants pre-sell the popcorn items, recording each customer’s sales information on the order form included on the back of the brochure. Usually, popcorn fundraising sales last approximately 2-3 weeks. The length of your sale, of course, is completely up to you and your group.

Step 3
Call us at 1-903-581-0023 with the total bags you need of each popcorn variety, and we will completely handle the details of the order over the phone. In almost all instances, your fundraising popcorn will be delivered in 4-7 business days.

Get Started! Order your fundraising popcorn brochures below. Fill in the number of participating students under “quantity” and click “Add to Cart” to order your FREE brochures and start your signature popcorn fundraiser.

  $10 Signature Popcorn Fundraising Features:

  • Prompt, Hassle-Free Delivery – Delivery of your popcorn fundraising variety is usually within 4-7 business days.
  • Great Profits – You earn up to 50% profit depending on order size. This easy-to-sell fundraiser will help you to quickly grow your profits.
  • Free Shipping – No Hidden Fees, we pay all shipping charges. You pay only the price per bag.
  • Low Minimum – A low 100 bag minimum is great for small group fundraisers. It is also great for groups who need to reorder.
  • Ten Tasty Varieties – 1/2 Gallon Bag Varieties Include:  Jalapeño Cheddar, Kettle Corn, Double Chocolate Drizzle, Chicago Style, Buttery Caramel, White Cheddar, Birthday Cake, Cinnamon Toast, Cheddar Cheese, and Premier Movie Butter.

Why Should You Use iLoveFundraising for Your Next $10 Signature Popcorn Fundraiser?

iLoveFundraising is the web presence of Perkins Distributing Company.  We are a family owned and family operated fundraising business which has been in operation for over 50 years. We have spent these 5+ decades helping thousands of schools, sports groups, and non-profit organizations to raise needed funds. We do our best to make your fundraising experience enjoyable, stress-free and very profitable. We are dedicated to quality products, high profits, exemplary service, and FREE DELIVERY.   Our consistent A+ Rating with Better Business Bureau reflects our integrity and dependability as a company.  Great Fundraising Ideas Are Here!

The Signature $10 Popcorn Fundraising Variety – A Great Fundraising Idea for Your Next Fundraiser!

Signature’s $10 Variety Assortment is a popcorn fundraiser containing a tasty assortment of America’s favorite snack food.  Made with Signature quality, and selling for $10 each, this special popcorn fundraiser assortment is a great bargain. Where else could a group find such a top quality popcorn variety pack that combines the advantages of top profits, delicious taste and a great selection of items? With 10 popcorn varieties, Signature’s $10 1/2 gallon bag of popcorn is an item that every school fundraiser and/or every sports fundraiser should consider.  ILoveFundraising highly recommends these great-tasting popcorn varieties.

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iLoveFundraising.com Makes Candy Fundraising Easy; Great Prices, Great Products, FREE Shipping, Great Fundraising Ideas!


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