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Popcorn Fundraising Ideas

EasFundraising Popcorn - Great Popcorn Fundraising Ideasy Fundraising Ideas – Popcorn!

Using our popcorn fundraising ideas for raising money should be given your consideration. Popcorn is the first snack that you crave when you go to the theater. That’s because popcorn is one of the favorite snack foods in America. Whether it’s consumed while watching television, eaten at a special party, or just snacked on, popcorn is the real deal. Popcorn is nutritious and it’s a universal snack. Popcorn is light, provides some bulk in your diet, and does not require excessive amounts of preparation.  Most of all, it’s tasty, easy to serve, and always well received at every type of occasion.  Popcorn is extremely popular, therefore it should definitely be high on your list of fundraising ideas.

Popcorn Fundraising Ideas

At we offer fundraising popcorn from several different companies because each fundraising group has different needs. Each of these different companies produces numerous popcorn varieties and flavors. The selling prices range from only $2 to $16 per item depending on the items selected. We sell popcorn made by Popcornopolis, Signature, and  Van Wyk Confections.  Popcorn companies produce many of the same flavors but differ in size, shape and pricing.

Popcorn Fundraising Varieties

Most of Popcornopolis‘ Popcorn fundraisers sell for $10. Popcornopolis‘ sale sheet consist of seven cone-shaped popcorn bags.  Popcornopolis is a very well known and established producer of gourmet popcorn fundraising items.  Signature produces three delicious varieties of premium popcorn fundraisers; 2-$2 sellers and 1-$10 seller.  The Signature $2 Sellers are a sweet & spicy variety and a sweet and savory variety, both of which are in-hand sellers.  The $10 half-gallon size is pre-sold using order-takers and contains 10 different varieties which are shipped to the piece.  Van Wyk Confections produces seven delicious varieties of premium popcorn.  Each of their popcorn items sell for $10.

As you can see, we offer a great selection of popcorn items. We have worked with thousands of customers and would love the chance to work with you. We highly appreciate each and every opportunity to assist groups in raising funds.

Why do we eat popcorn at the movies? – Easy Fundraising Ideas are Here!