Non-Food Fundraisers

In this large and diverse fundraising product category, the most notable feature is that absolutely no edible products are present.

This category is composed of many fundraising product items which are often somewhat sector specific. By sector specific, we mean products that may be more geared to a certain gender, to a specific season of the year, to certain types of organizations, to certain age groups, to certain grade levels of school students (high school, Jr. high, elementary), etc. For example, fundraising flower bulbs are appropriate only for certain seasons, whereas the Entertainment Digital Savings Membership Cards are meant to be sold in larger cities or metropolitan areas. As you can see, it is very important to target your expected customer base with the product(s) most appropriate to your location, demographics and season of the year.

Simply because a fundraising product is sector specific does not mean that it is inferior in its fundraising potential. Conversely, many times being specific to a certain niche, makes the product all the more appealing to those who are in that targeted niche, and the profit potential in some of those situations is enormous.