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Lollipop Fundraising

Fundraising Lollipops occupy a large chunk of the total sales generated each year through various types of candy fundraising programs.

Even in comparison to fundraising chocolate bars, lollipop fundraisers are still the product of choice by tens of thousands of organizations across the country.

There are many different reasons for the popularity of fundraising lollipops, but there are 6 MAJOR factors contributing to their overall success:

  1. Lollipop fundraisers are inexpensive. The majority of lollipops offered are $.50 sellers.
  2. Fundraising Lollipops are High Profit items. ILoveFundraising offers your group a minimum of 50% PROFIT on every $.50 selling lollipop fundraising item.
  3. Fundraising lollipops are so easy to sell! Since Lollipops are repeat sellers that are individually wrapped, will stay fresh for months and are not easily affected by fluctuations in temperature, many groups will use lollipops as an ongoing fundraiser, ordering a case or two at different intervals throughout the year.
  4. Gourmet Fundraising Lollipops will consistently maintain their popularity, day after day, month after month, and year after year. That’s why many school fundraising sponsors continue to sell lollipops throughout the school year – Kids just don’t get tired of them!
  5. There is no minimum order amount. Your group may choose to order just one case at a time.
  6. Many lollipops manufacturers produce seasonal and group specific lollipops which are also available in $.50 sellers. ILoveFundraising offers delicious specialty lollipops for sports fundraising groups as well as for different seasons such as Christmas, Valentines and Easter.

In recent years ILoveFundraising has also been offering $1 selling Specialty Chocolate Fundraising Lollipops with 8″ sticks and foil ties. With Attractive Shapes of Roses, Hearts, Christmas Trees, Sports Shapes, St. Patrick’s 4-Leaf Clovers, Easter Shapes, and many others, these niche lollipops are great for School Fundraisers, as well as Church and Sports Fundraising Groups.