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Great Fundraising Ideas – Lollipop Fundraisers

Great Fundraising Ideas

Lollipop Fundraisers – the Easiest Fundraiser Ever!

Ever since the advent of some very successful cookie dough fundraisers, cheesecake fundraisers, etc., many sponsors of fundraising organizations have relegated products with small selling prices to be too Fundraising Ideas - Lollipop Fundraiser“small-time” and inconsequential for their consideration. In the last few years, however, many of those same fundraising sponsors have began to rethink their emphasis on big ticket items versus products that literally sell themselves – day after day. Of all of the products on the fundraising market, lollipops fundraisers have, not only held their own in the market, but have increased significantly in both sales and desirability. There are several very obvious reasons for this increased upswing in fundraising lollipops sales; First of all, selling a product that has a price point of $.50 to $1.00 is much, much easier than selling large ticket items. Prospective buyers are much less apt to turn down a student or youth who is selling a small ticket price item than one who is selling a $10, $15, or $20 item. Secondly, more expensive products, including cookie dough fundraisers, fundraising flower bulbs, candles fund-raisers, fundraising cheesecakes, and others, often have limitations related to a number of other factors such as spoilage, distribution of products, price to value, and flooding the market.  A school can have various groups all through the year selling lollipops, and experience little, if any, community backlash, whereas multiple groups selling large ticket items can quickly create both sales resistance and community disdain.

Let’s take a quick look at why so many sponsors are turning to the use of lollipop fundraisers.  Lollipops are inexpensive, usually selling for $.50, but rarely ever selling for more than $1.  Most lollipops are extremely durable, heat resistant, and have long shelf lives. There are dozens of different shapes, colors and flavors. There are lollipops for every season and almost every type of activity.  Valentine’s Day Lollipop fundraisers have been big sellers in recent years.  There are even chocolate lollipops fundraisers for all types of seasonal and sports activities. Lollipops almost sell themselves.  Many school sponsors order several cases of fundraising lollipops every month, because their students purchase them daily and throughout the year. Outside solicitation and door-to-door selling is virtually eliminated, since the sales of the lollipops rarely ever reach out into the community.

iLoveFundraising offers a large variety of lollipop fundraisers including Cima Confections lollipops, which produces Yummy Lix Lollipops, Yummy Lips Lollipops, Yummy Hearts, Yummy BearsSour Yummy Lips, Yummy StarsFootball, Baseball, Sour Mania and Color Xploders.   Maredy fundraising lollipops (All About Lollipops) are great sellers year ’round but make great Valentine’s Day Fundraisers.

Fundraising Lollipops may not be the new and glitzy kid on the block, but they’ve been around for a long, long time, and will still be selling strong when many of the flash-in-the-pan fundraising products are long and gone.  If you’re looking for great fundraising ideas, look no further than the lollipop fundraiser.

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