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Great Fundraising Ideas

Great Fundraising Ideas

Great fundraising ideas to make money for your organization or school fundraiser

These days, almost every school, church and organization needs additional funds. Sponsors need fundraisers which are simple, profitable and easy. Easy, simple, money making ideas equal GREAT FUNDRAISING IDEAS. There is a difference between “simple” and “easy”. Splitting wood with an ax is simple, but it is not easy. Running fifty miles without stopping is simple, but it is not easy. Fundraising ideas should help you to fund raise easily and productively.cookie dough fundraiser - great fundraising ideas

Three basic categories of fundraising ideas are: 1) service fundraising 2) donation fundraising and 3) product fundraising. In this discussion we are dealing only with product fundraising. At we know which products sell quickly. We know that you are interested in fundraising ideas that produce positive results. For over 45 years we have offered quality church and school fundraisers. We have learned the difference between average fundraising ideas and great fundraising ideas. We have learned which products sell well. We have also learned which fundraising products sell with very little effort. Most importantly, we have learned which products raise large amounts of money. Two hundred dollars might be a large amount of money to a ten member club. A one hundred member organization may require $10,000. A large junior class may need to raise $25,000. An all school fundraiser may require over $50,000 to reach the desired goal. Some city-wide sports programs need to raise over $100,000.

Successful fundraisers require using appropriate products. The product(s) should have the right price point for your customers. Selling products for too much or too little will hurt your overall profit. Know your customer base. For example, you wouldn’t sell purses at a boys’ academy fundraiser. Use common sense selecting your best money making ideas.

Choose your fundraiser wisely. Call us at 1-903-581-0023 and we can suggest several fundraising ideas that have been successful for similar groups such as yours. We are rated A+ by Better Business Bureau. We have been helping schools, churches and organizations with money making ideas since 1968.

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