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Easy Fundraising Ideas – Cookie Dough

Easy Fundraising Ideas – Frozen Cookie Dough

cookie dough fundraiser - easy fundraising ideasWhy is a cookie dough fundraiser one of the top easy fundraising ideas?  The not-so-secret answer is – “Because a cookie dough fundraiser sells”! Fundraising with cookie dough has been similar to a freight train.  It started off slowly, but given a few years to pick up speed, it has become a powerful school fundraiser.  In two decades, frozen cookie dough fundraisers have come from nothing to a yearly multi-million dollar profit generator.  In fact, in many areas a cookie dough fundraiser has become the main fundraising profit source.  School leaders are usually more lenient towards allowing cookie dough fundraisers than less nutritious candy fundraisers.

Initially, frozen cookie dough fundraisers were packaged only in tubs.  But all great fundraising ideascookie dough fundraiser - easy fundraising ideas change over time to keep up with demand.  As a result, within a few years of it’s beginning, portioned cookie dough fundraisers became available.  These eliminated the “scooping” part of the baking process.  Even though the boxes have greatly expanded the cookie dough sales market, the original cookie dough “tubs” have still remained the top cookie dough fundraiser. As with all edible products, cookie dough prices have steadily increased, but the ratio of price per value received is still very positive. For customers wanting a less expensive price-point, the $10 tub cookie dough fundraiser is available.  As stated before, great fundraising ideas have a way of changing to keep up with demand.

Easy Fundraising Ideas – Cookie Dough Fundraiser Choice

In addition to packaging choice for cookie dough fundraisers, there is also a choice between cookie dough products.  Some of Cookie Dough Fundraiser - Easy Fundraising Ideasour products will sit at room temperature for a number of days without spoiling.  This is great when you have to distribute the product over time.  We also have cookie dough fundraisers that have to be put in the freezer soon after receipt.  More and more school fundraisers, are opting for the shelf-stable cookie dough fundraiser. This allows the group to get the cookie dough distributed without being too concerned about spoilage.

Everyone LOVES fresh baked cookies.  The yummy taste of hot cookies, an awesome tract record for success, and a potential for huge profits make cookie dough a great fundraising idea.  It’s pretty easy to see why organizations of all types choose cookie dough as their number 1 fundraiser!  It looks like cookie dough fundraisers will stay in the top 5 of great fundraising ideas for years to come.

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