Cookie Dough Fundraisers

For over a decade, fundraising cookie dough sales have taken center stage as “The Fundraiser of Choice” for groups and organizations desiring the best all-around fundraising product.

There simply isn’t a more popular fundraising product – PERIOD!  Some product fundraisers have a niche appeal for certain groups, seasons, or even certain socio-economic areas; Cookie dough fundraising items, however, sell equally well all year-long, are not gender or age specific, and do very well in the vast majority of selling environments.  All of our cookie dough fundraisers are presold from attractive 4-color brochures (provided by iLoveFundraising) with order-takers included to record each participant’s sales, eliminating the need for any upfront money before the sale. Everyone loves hot, fresh-baked cookies, and our cookie dough is absolutely the top of the line when it comes to baking scrumptious gourmet cookies.  We are continually receiving telephone calls from people who bought cookie dough from a school or organization, and wish they had bought more – because they were ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!