Chocolate Fundraising

Chocolate fundraisers, particularly fundraising chocolate bars, have been the candy fundraising industry’s mainstay for well over four decades.

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Within the last 10-15 years there has been a relatively major shift in both the public and the educational community’s overall candy and edible food preferences, brought about by several factors including, 1) new types of fundraising candy products, including a vast new array of sweet and sour candy fundraisers, 2) very popular non candy fundraisers such as fundraising cookie dough, cheesecake fundraisers, beef jerky and fundraising meat snacks, and 3) an increased emphasis on the cutting back of school fundraising candy sales due to more stringent school district and governmental nutritional guidelines. With the changes in edible preferences, as well as an increased emphasis on nutritional guidelines, there has been, and will continue to be, an increased diversification of edible fundraising products. Fund-raising chocolate bars and other candy fundraisers sold in one school district may not be allowed to be sold in another school district, so it is important that sponsors, particularly sponsors of school groups, choose products that are consistent with their organization’s fundraising guidelines.