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Charity and Church Fundraising

Frozen Cheesecake Group Fundraiser - Charity and Church Fundraising

Frozen Cheesecake Fundraiser – Charity and Church Fundraising

Charity and Church Fundraising with

For many years, church fundraisers typically consisted of bake sales, dinners and special programs. However, in recent years, the need for the funding of increasingly more expensive projects such as mission trips, out-of-town youth conferences, etc. has brought about a transition to the highly profitable “Product Fundraising”. Charity and church fundraising activities account for tens of thousands of product oriented fundraisers each year. Although the total number of participants for the typical sale is usually considerably fewer than large school organizations and sports leagues, the amount of funds raised per selling individual is often greater with church fundraisers and charity groups, due to the need to raise funds to pay for trips, mission activities, community charitable projects, and sometimes to even help finance building and renovation projects. Church fundraising, particularly those church fundraisers involving youth groups, are undoubtedly the #1 contributor in this entire fundraising category. Three of the standout products that consistently sell well with church fundraising are Fundraising Flower Bulbs, Cheesecake Fundraisers, and Frozen Fundraising Cookie Dough. All three of these special fundraising programs are sold through the use of order-taker brochures which are provided absolutely FREE of charge to your selling participants. By using these brochures to pre-sell your products, there is absolutely no upfront money required. You are not required to pay for any products until you have had your sale and are ready to order the products that you have already sold. Several other great product items for charity and church fundraising programs are Meat Snacks, Chocolate Bar fundraisers, and Popcorn and Caramel Corn fundraisers.

Frozen Cookie Dough School Fundraiser - Charity and Church Fundraising

Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraiser – Charity and Church Fundraising

Any of the fundraisers represented by the pictures on this page are not only suitable, but highly recommended for church fundraising, charity fundraising, and youth oriented projects and activities. ILoveFundraising offers numerous RISK-FREE brochure order-taker programs in addition to the many dozens of in-hand sellers which we also supply for your charity and church fundraising activities. We are a family owned and operated fundraising business which has been providing superior products and service for over 45 years, so we are quite familar with the fundraising needs of our customers. With FREE Delivery on ALL Orders, Low Minimum Order Sizes, Great Profits, and over four decades of Fundraising Excellence, We Think Our Record Speaks for Itself!