Chocolate/Candy Fundraising

Candy fundraising has been the most popular fundraising product category in the last 50 years.

Until approximately a decade ago, no other fundraiser could even come close to matching the overall profitability of candy fundraisers. Whether in total number of sales, total profit, or general popularity, candy has been an item which has always been synonymous with fundraising success.

Even though changes in school nutritional policies have caused a decline in candy fundraising in the past few years, candy still remains a very popular fundraising item, both in schools and in sports organizations. Candy fundraisers are essentially divided into three general categories – chocolate fundraisers, fundraising lollipops, and sweet/sour/chewy fundraisers. The success of candy fundraising can largely be attributed to the fact that candy is a very tempting impulse buying item that is sold in-hand by the organization’s sellers, requiring no pre-sale order-taking. ILoveFundraising offers a very large selection of candy fundraisers from all three general candy categories, and has been known for over 45 years as a supplier of top quality products, always offering Free delivery and excellent prices.