Brochure/Order-Taker Fundraisers

Using attractive colorful brochures to pre-sell fundraising products, is an ideal way for your organization to conduct a RISK-FREE fundraising activity.

Brochure Fundraising eliminates the guess work of trying to decide the types and quantities of various fundraising products needed, because all of the items are pre-sold prior to any products being ordered.

Each seller simply takes his/her brochure (furnished by iLoveFundraising) around to friends and relatives, pre-sells the items and quantities the customers desire to purchase, and then submits the orders along with the sales proceeds to the fundraising sponsor. ILoveFundraising currently has over 20 different brochure fundraiser programs, representing almost every type of brochure selling program available. Choose from cookie dough fundraising brochures, brochures for cheesecake fundraising, fund-raising flower bulbs brochures, and brochures for popcorn, and candles.  Again, we have over 20 different fundraising brochure programs! When your fundraising sale is completed, and you are ready to order your products, we can take your totals and handle your order details completely over the telephone. At iLoveFundraising you can even talk to a live person. We have handled quality fundraising products for over forty five years, and we feel that our record speaks volumes about our service, integrity and commitment to your fundraising success.