Brochure Policy

ILoveFundraising provides free brochures for the product which your organization chooses to sell. If you are not sure which product or brochure you would like to use for your sale, please request a sample brochure of the product(s) in which you are interested. By viewing sample brochures on our website, or by ordering a sample brochure of the brochures in which you have an interest, you can more accurately determine which brochure you wish to order in quantity for the participants of your group’s fundraiser.

Even though printing and shipping costs have soared, we are more than happy to provide our customers with the brochures needed for their fundraising project. We simply request that customers take into consideration the tremendous costs that we incur when someone significantly over-orders brochures, or decides not to use the brochures which were sent to them. To assist you in ordering, one brochure per selling participant is sufficient for even your most enthusiastic sellers. We reserve the right to limit quantities from requests of brochures which we deem to be excessive.