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Basics 101: Timing of Your Fundraiser

The old expression, “Timing is everything”, may be a little exaggerated, but timing definitely influences the overall success of a fundraising project. When fundraising products, particularly edible items such as candy fundraisers, cookie dough fundraisers, fundraising caramel corn, etc are due to be delivered to your group’s location, it is very important to know that there will be someone at that location who is knowledgeable about the arrival day of delivery. Likewise it is important, when larger orders of fundraising cookie dough items are involved, that the workers who are helping to distribute the cookie dough, know the exact day of delivery, so that the product distribution goes smoothly and efficiently. If there is to be a loading dock involved, have the workers at the loading dock notified in advance of your product delivery, so that dock space has already been allocated, along with the prompt transfer of your products to a suitable location which is guarded from inclement weather and where distribution to the sellers can readily be made. If the products require refrigeration, be sure to have made arrangements to temporarily store them in a cool environment until distribution can be completed. The main point that we are trying to convey, is that advance planning helps to eliminate damaged or ruined products, and/or unneeded confusion in your distribution to the participants.

Candy fundraising items, particularly chocolate fundraising items, are ideally suited for delivery, October 15 – April 1. Although many groups sell these items during warmer months, the chance of melted products is obviously much greater as the temperature increases. Also, the possibility of melted products due to the participants briefly leaving the candy items in a hot car while shopping, even if for just a brief period of time, is greatly increased during the summer months. The necessity of rapid distribution of your fundraising products also becomes much more important during the warmer months. If your group decides to have a fundraising project during warm weather, you might wish to sell relatively heat-tolerant items such as fundraising Scratch Cards, fundraising lollipops or beef jerky fundraisers. Because they are shipped in a heat protected manner, cookie dough fundraisers are usually great choices for your group’s fundraising activities throughout the entire year.

One last aspect of timing which we probably need to address, concerns other groups and organizations which have recently used the fundraising product selection which you may be considering using. Small to medium-size groups, which are selling candy fundraisers in your school close to the time of your planned sale, are usually not a cause of alarm, and should not lessen the success of your group’s candy fundraiser. However, if you are in a small school, and the other group is selling the exact same type of candy which you are interested in selling, it would be wise to select another fundraising product to sell, or to delay your sale for a couple of weeks. The same is essentially true of two community sports groups planning to sell the same product at the same time – It would be advisable for one of the groups to choose a different product, or to wait a few weeks before commencing on their fundraising sale. When one group is using a particular brochure seller (such as a cookie dough fundraiser brochure) instead of an in-hand fundraiser such as a candy fundraiser, it is always wise for the other group wishing to sell the same type of product, to consider selling another fundraising product, or to wait six to eight weeks before duplicating the other group’s fundraising product sale. Using both grace and wisdom is always advisable when you discover that your group and another group are planning to use the same fundraiser. There is no reason to deliberately hurt each other’s group fundraising sales by competing against each other.