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Basics 101: Brochure Sellers vs. In-Hand Sellers

In-Hand Sellers: The fundraising group or organization purchases fundraising products, which are then sold to their customers. Since these In-Hand Sellers are specifically bought to be sold directly to your customers, there is no need for pre-sell sheets or brochures.  The biggest advantage of In-Hand sellers is that they are impulse buying items – Customers don’t have to order the item and wait for its delivery.  They see the item in the seller’s hands, and buy it for immediate possession and use/consumption.  Some typical In-Hand sellers are, candy fundraising items such as chocolate fundraising bars and lollipop fundraisers, meat snacks, beef jerky fundraisers, Smencils fundraising pencils, popcorn fundraisers and fundraising scratch cards.

Brochure Sellers:  Brochure Sellers are fundraising products which are sold from colorful brochures (provided by the fundraising distributor), and are delivered to the customer at a later date.  Each brochure has an order-taker on the back page which allows the seller to record the customers’ names and addresses, along with the quantity, types and prices of products sold.  The obvious advantage to the Brochure Seller lies in the organization’s ability to sell many different products without having to buy the products in advance of the sale.  At the time of the sale, the sellers collect the monies for the products sold, then all of the sales of the entire group are totaled prior to the group actually ordering the products.  A listing of some of the fundraising Brochure Sellers we offer includes cookie dough fundraising items, flower bulbs fundraisers, Enviro Vogue Designer Bags, fundraising candles, fundraising caramel corn, alkaline battery fundraisers and frozen cheesecakes fundraisers.  Within each of these brochure seller types there are numerous products, and often a choice of several different brochures.